Westin Turns Hotel Bathrobes Into Recycled Pajamas

A global hotel chain is implementing an inspired new sustainability initiative that transforms hotel bathrobes and linens into children’s PJs – and we’re all about it. Promoting sustainable efforts, creating environmentally friendly products, and prioritizing waste elimination are not exclusive to any one industry. “Green consciousness” is universal because it impacts all of us. With … Continued

Know Your Cotton Fabrics

From our bathrobes to our bath towels to our 1,000 thread-count premium bed sheets, we encounter cotton fabrics on an hourly basis. It’s about time we got to know and appreciate cotton. There are dozens of varieties of cotton fabrics, and each one has its own unique properties and ideal applications. To start, we’ve highlighted … Continued

Why You Should Choose Organic Bathrobes

Now that organic bathrobes are more available to consumers, it’s important to understand what “organic cotton” means and why it makes a difference. The world has become more “organic aware” in the past two decades. Still, studies show that most consumers struggle to understand the benefits of organic clothing. While organic food has grown in … Continued

What Makes Organic Cotton an Eco-Friendly Cotton Alternative?

What Makes Organic Cotton an Eco-Friendly Cotton Alternative?

So you’ve probably already heard about the green movement and how several businesses are making efforts to promote a more sustainable environment. With designated dates such as World Water Day and Earth Day holding a significant presence around the globe, it’s easy to see why so many industries are collaborating in their own individual way. … Continued

Wholesale Organic Cotton Spa Robes (Updated)

Cotton is one of the smoothest fabrics around and it can certainly make the case for the pampered environment your clients yearn for. Boca Terry knows how important your customers’ satisfaction is, which is why we’ve always been dedicated to supplying the most comfortable bathrobes. On Trend Cotton can easily be classified as the most … Continued

Which Type of Bathrobe Should You Get?

For lounging around on a relaxing day, some of us like to immerse ourselves in the soft touch of velour, while others prefer the smooth embrace of terrycloth or satin. No matter what fabric you’re more inclined to choose, one thing’s for sure, no one can say no to comfort. The best part about bathrobes … Continued

Treat Yourself: Find The Perfect Bathrobe For You

Whether you want to be like the “Bathrobe Crusader” and wear a bathrobe to roam the streets and venues that comprise your daily life, or you just want to unwind, finding the ideal bathrobe is simply a must! Although it’s not the best idea to wear a bathrobe in every location you dream of comfort … Continued

What Makes Organic Cotton Bathrobes Different?

When you seek comfort from a bathrobe, you can certainly expect to get it. Whether they’re made from organic cotton or regular combed cotton, bathrobes stand as the epitome of coziness and style. However, just as different elements such as design and length can differentiate each bathrobe from one another, so can the type of … Continued

How To Wash Your Organic Cotton Bathrobe

How To Wash Your Organic Cotton Bathrobe

The thought might not have passed your mind twice, but laundering practices are critical for preserving the quality and life cycle of each wardrobe item you buy. Because bathrobes and towels are often crafted from the same materials, there is a general standard to which you should adhere when laundering these items. If you are … Continued

Certified Organic Bathrobes for Your Eco Friendly Company

Certified Organic Bathrobes for Your Eco Friendly Company

The environment is something that we should all take responsibility for—and for companies, it is especially important. Companies are responsible for taking care of their carbon footprint—and with so many companies across the planet, you’d be right to think that this carbon footprint affects our planet most. Why Go Green? Going green is not only … Continued