Boutique Hospitals Satisfy the Demand for Luxury Healthcare

Traditional healthcare systems must make changes to upgrade the patient experience. If not, they risk losing customers to more luxurious boutique hospitals. Looking ahead to the trends that will shape the healthcare industry in 2018, Northwell Health CEO Michael Dowling made a plea to hospitals to focus on experience. “We are in the consumer service … Continued

Inventory Management Systems: The Future of Uniform, Linen and Laundry Tracking

Inventory management systems allow hotels, spas and healthcare facilities to cut their costs and increase their productivity with the push of a button. We have fully electric, wind-powered hotels. We have autonomous robots wandering hotel hallways. The next logical step is, of course, inventory management systems—or linen and uniform tracking software. Hotels spend tons of … Continued

Birth Center Amenities to Create a Home-Spa Healthcare Environment

Birth center amenities, equipment and décor are vital to creating a safe, welcoming environment where mothers can bring their children into the world. Birth centers are “in”… just as cryotherapy and wellness hotels are “in.” These standalone healthcare facilities have revolutionized how we think about labor and childbirth. Even mainstream hospitals are adapting their facilities and … Continued

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