Fabric & Weight

  • SL1052c - 12oz Terry Shawl Collar
  • SL1252c - 14oz Terry Shawl Collar
  • SL1452c - 16oz Terry Shawl Collar
  • KL1048C - 12oz Terry Kimono
  • KL1248C - 14oz Terry Kimono
  • KL1448C - 16oz Terry Kimono

Product Information

Boca Terry's plush, highly popular, and incredibly versatile Terry Bathrobes are ideal for any occasion and in any season. Because terrycloth is crafted from highly absorbent cotton fibers, these soft, long-lasting robes are perfect after a shower or a dip in the pool. But we're biased: We love this fabric so much, we put it in our name!


  • Available in Kimono or Shawl Collar
  • 100% combed cotton
  • Kimono - 48" center back length / 17" sleeve length
  • Shawl Collar - 52" center back length / 22" sleeve length
  • Generous pockets
  • Double belt loops for adjustable belt height
  • Hanger loop for convenient storage
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